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Re: Problems with kicker & /tmp

Le Vendredi 28 Juin 2002 17:38, Robert a écrit :
> Actually, from what I can tell, I've got the exact OPPOSITE problem...
> From the bug report:
> "...and if the tmp directory is erased (for example on startup), it
> becomes a dead link. This causes some errors..."
> While with my situation, if I _do_ run "rm /tmp/*" and then log in to
> kde it _solves_ my problem.
> Do you think that the problem is in kdelibs?  I'd really like to submit
> the bug to the right place, but am not sure what package is/should be
> responsible for cleaning out the tmp space at log out time.

Sorry for the delayed answer, I was in week-end with no computer access...

I think the problem is also in kdelibs. I am also the Debian packager of 
Kwave, and I have seen it makes its own check in the /tmp directory on 
startup (kde-... and mcop-...). It means, there was also problems with 
this directory. I hope everything is fixed in KDE 3 :-)

Meanwhile, you could maybe report the bug against kdebase (the package 
containing kicker), mentioning that it is maybe linked with the bug 
#143339 in kdelibs.


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