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Problems with kicker & /tmp

For several weeks now, both my wife and I have been experiencing problems 
with kicker under kde v2.x (we're only running woody). The problem is not 
persistent, but requires several logins & logouts before it manifests (as 
far as I can tell).

When logging in, kde starts, applications are restored, but kicker only 
appears briefly, and then disappears. I can <SHIFT><TAB> to every 
desktop, and upon finding an open konsole (not having a kde app menu), I 
can attempt to launch kicker again (it doesn't show up in the process 
list at all). It'll start, but I'll get some DCOP error (sorry, don't 
have recorded anywhere...

I've found 2 solutions to the symtoms, which may or may not be results of 
the same root cause.

After logging out of kde...

1. In $HOME/.kde/share/config/kickerrc, I remove everything to the right 
of "RecentAppsStat=". This has fixed the symtom at least once on two 
different machines.

2. Yesterday and today, I experienced the same problem, but instead of 
doing #1, I removed the contents of /tmp/ (which had some kde-related 
files owned by me). Kicker started up immediately upon logging back in.

So, I only mentioned #1 as it may be possible that the RecentAppsStat 
gets corrupted occationally.

My main concern is that it seems that kde doesn't always clean out it's 
/tmp files when I log out, and so after a few days, I get this problem 
with kicker.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone else even running kde 2.x?

Here's a "tree" of the former contents of /tmp...

|-- kde-rguthr
|   |-- kmail12154
|   |   `-- part2
|   |       |-- Attachment: 1
|   |       |-- Copy of filter.pl
|   |       `-- signature.asc
|   |-- kmail23184
|   |-- kmail23344
|   |   `-- part2
|   |       `-- kscreensaver.non.patch
|   `-- ksycoca
|-- ksocket-rguthr
|   |-- kdesktoppk7vAa.slave-socket
|   |-- konquerorJzws0a.slave-socket
|   |-- konquerorPS7zGa.slave-socket
|   |-- konquerorPTVKua.slave-socket
|   |-- konquerorRHferc.slave-socket
|   |-- konquerorkh2wpa.slave-socket
|   `-- konquerormOzwoc.slave-socket
`-- mcop-rguthr
    |-- artsd-samples
    `-- secret-cookie

9 directories, 13 files

Anyway, should I go ahead and file a bug? If so, with which package 
(kdebase, libdcopc1, etc...)?

Let me know if you want any additional info. 

-- BOFH excuse #20:

divide-by-zero error

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