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kdegraphics and KPovModeler?

Two related questions:

1) Who is looking after kdegraphics?
2) Is someone looking after KPovModeler?

I remembered seeing something about this recently, so I decided to have 
another look for it.

Version 0.2 has just been released and the major change is it's based on KDE3.

As I like to play with POV-RAY, but don't realy have the desire to leard how 
to build complex object in POV code, I've really been looking for a good 

I'm still running KDE2.2.2 for the moment, but, with the right incentive I 
would upgrade before it hits the debian archives. I would realy like to see 
this package on my Debian system, even if I need to learn how to package it 
myself. I'd also be interested in finally getting more involved in Debian 
packaging, so I think a small package, like this might be the way to get 

If someone is allready looking out for this, O.K., if not, it just might be 
the incentive I need to start packaging things for myself.


	John Gay

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