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memory leak in noteedit?

I enjoy creating MIDI files so I was extremely happy to see noteedit. Brahms 
was too complex for me, and my midi device does not seem to ?work? so I use 
timidity. It sounds better anyway.

Ine thing I have noticed using noteedit, is if I'm working for a while with 
it, it seems to slowly kill my machine. While working on 'I am the Walrus' 
today, things ran fine for a while, then quickly deteriated.

First, noteedit slowed down to a crawl.
Then, Konqueror died. I keep one open pointed to my Smoothwall box.
Then the desktop died? No wallpaper, no desktop icons, but the toolbar was 
still there.

I ran top in a Konsole to find that, of 514076K memory, I had less than 1024K 
free, of 257032K swap, I also has less than 1024K free?!? The buffers and 
cache were rather small as well and X was claiming over 500M RSS?

So, I shutdown noteedit and kmail, which also seems to use a lot of memory, 
then I closed down KDE completely and killed the X server with 
<ctrl><alt><backspace> just to be sure.

I logged back in, ran top in a konsole and opened noteedit and timidity -ig, 
as I usually do when editing MIDI's.
top showed knoteedit using 19M RSS and X using 24M RSS, an almost no swap 
used at all.
As I started adding to my MIDI file, I noticed that knoteedit only grew 
little by little but X was growing by leaps and bounds. It seemed the more I 
selected sections of the music, for copying, beaming or whatever, X grew more 
and more. As X grew, so did the used swap. Now that the song is complete, 
here are some stats from top:

Mem:   514076K total,  509712K used,  4364K free, 4280K buffers
Swap:  257032K total,  101024K used, 156008K free, 52128K cached
X: Size 435M RSS 349M SHARE 3384
knoteedit: Size 66184 RSS 59M SHARE 11860

noteedit version 1.16.1 using KDE2.2.2

So, it seems that noteedit keeps filling up something in X until the box dies 
completely. On an earlier run, After the desktop had died, kmail and konsole 
were both killed in turn before X killed itself! Anyone else seen this type 
of activity before?


	John Gay

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