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Re: Where did kde3.geniussystems.net go?

Rasmus Bøg Hansen wrote:
> Hi
> Apparently the KDE 3.0.1 just disappeared:
> root@grignard:~# apt-get update
> Err http://kde3.geniussystems.net ./ Packages
>   Could not resolve 'kde3.geniussystems.net'
> Err http://kde3.geniussystems.net ./ Release
>   Could not resolve 'kde3.geniussystems.net'
> moffe@grignard:/tmp# host -t ns geniussystems.net
> geniussystems.net name server domain-server.scott-center.com.


$ host -t ns geniussystems.net A.GTLD-SERVERS.net
geniussystems.net       NS      NS3.ZONEEDIT.COM
geniussystems.net       NS      NS4.ZONEEDIT.COM

$ host -t any kde3.geniussystems.net ns3.zoneedit.com.
kde3.geniussystems.net  CNAME   swordfish.geniussystems.net
swordfish.geniussystems.net     A

I suspect your nameserver is returning the wrong NS records?

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:: http://remco.vandemeent.net/

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