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Where did kde3.geniussystems.net go?


Apparently the KDE 3.0.1 just disappeared:

root@grignard:~# apt-get update
Err http://kde3.geniussystems.net ./ Packages
  Could not resolve 'kde3.geniussystems.net'
Err http://kde3.geniussystems.net ./ Release
  Could not resolve 'kde3.geniussystems.net'

moffe@grignard:/tmp# host -t ns geniussystems.net
geniussystems.net name server domain-server.scott-center.com.
moffe@grignard:/tmp# host domain-server.scott-center.com
Host domain-server.scott-center.com not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

Are the files mirrores somewhere else or are there plans to recover the

I just installed KDE 3.0.1 yesterday, and I am missing a few packages...


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