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Re: Print to postscript question

> Arne Schmitz wrote:
>> Nikita V. Youshchenko schrieb:
>>> Every time I try to print from any KDE 2.2 application to a postscript
>>> file, the generated ps file has 1-2 last lines of each page repeated on
>>> the next page.
>>> Any PS viewer shows this. And I've looked inside generated PS files -
>>> lines are really duplicated there.
>> Printing in KDE 2.2.x was far from perfect. Even in KDE 3.0.1 it is not
>> 100% perfect, but much better. Lines do not get duplicated anymore (e.g.
>> in Konqueror prints), but get broken very hard, the upper half of a line
>> is on one page, the lower part is on the other.
>> Why is this so? Because algorithms for laying out text and graphics on a
>> page are quite hard. :-)
>>         Arne
> I'd noticed that myself - I always wondered if somehow certain things were
> done in a different order - like rasterization before margins and page
> breaking, etc.
> I know little to nothing about it all - but a few times I'd gotten the
> last little bits of a page on the next page - which consisted only of
> those bits - then the third page was teh beginning of what should have
> been page 2 (and so on..)

Can anyone forward the question to KDE developers ?
It is definitly a bug, and it is easily reprodusable.
Maybe KDE libs (maybe KHTML, as far as the problem arises with konqueror 
and kmail - that is, apps that have data represented in KHTML) manually 
send duplicate data to QPrinter, before and after calls to 

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