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Re: Print to postscript question

> > Any PS viewer shows this. And I've looked inside generated PS files -
> > lines are really duplicated there.
> >
> > Can this be reprodused by anyone else?
> No. I tried from konq, same setup as yours, and I find that I'm getting
> line breaks eaten, but no dupped pages.

Not dupped pages.
Only last 1-2 lines of every page are duplicated on the top of the next 

> First thing to do is to find out what lib is used to create ps in kde.

AFAIK, ps is generated by Qt, class QPrinter.
Fonts for X are loaded via xfs (I use fonts from msttcorefonts package), 
but QT_FONTPATH is set to the place where they are, and qt finds them and 
embeds into ps (as Type3).

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