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Re: When will it be ready?

måndagen den 15 april 2002 18.43 skrev Eray Ozkural:

> I disagree with that. Applying a patch doesn't require any working
> knowledge of programming. Your second point may be important for some
> software that needs it. I modified insight a lot, and changed some stuff in
> metis, yes I do think that you may need to make some changes yourself.
> However, in KDE's case I really don't think you need to go beyond the usual
> configure/build/install routine.
> I've done my share in making sure that KDE3 builds properly by committing a
> few build fixes. :)

I somehow have a hard time understanding all this discussion. Not releasing 
the basic kde package, will also stop everyone who want to make debian 
packages for all other KDE programs, since you need kdelibs/kdebase for doing 

And then, why all this tinkering in secrecy? Why not release a kind of basic 
vanilla KDE3 debian package, and say "this is beta", just to make it possible 
to develop software for KDE3/debian. All the thinkering and adapting and 
optimising can be done later. This is not the car industry where one have to 
release a perfect product on the first day, but by releasing beta packages 
and applying a kind of methodology of stepwise refinement, others can take 
part in the process, can continue with their own projects, and can also give 
valuable feedback. Locking out others from this is kind of against the whole 
open software idea.

This actually worked pretty good with KDE2, (although the debian directory 
was very seldom updated)

What I mean, can't the whole debianisation be divided into two parts. 
1) Making it build into .deb files
2) tinkering and making specific patches.
That can even be done by different persons and for different parts of the KDE 
package. What we need is a kind of build manager, who just makes the whole 
thing build, quite fast, and regularly when the CVS is updated, and then 
different persons take on different parts and make very specific debian 

-- Karolina

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