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Re: When will it be ready?

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On Monday 15 April 2002 15:41, Russell Coker wrote:
> To do a really good job of developing Debian packages (and to have a hope
> of doing a half-decent job of packaging something as complex as KDE) you
> need to do a lot more.  You need to be able to do serious development on
> the source (users will send in patches to the BTS and you're not much of a
> developer if you can't test them before sending them upstream). 

I disagree with that. Applying a patch doesn't require any working knowledge 
of programming. Your second point may be important for some software that 
needs it. I modified insight a lot, and changed some stuff in metis, yes I do 
think that you may need to make some changes yourself. However, in KDE's case 
I really don't think you need to go beyond the usual configure/build/install 

I've done my share in making sure that KDE3 builds properly by committing a 
few build fixes. :)


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