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Re: Kmail and displayed date

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On Monday 08 April 2002 07:51, Tech Support wrote:
> One user pointed something out to me a while ago that no
> one had noticed.  There are certain email messages that have come
> in that show a time/date of Wed Dec 31 18:00 1969 in the folder
> listing, but the date shown in the message body itself is correct.

Well, the code that displays the date in the header list used to be 
different from the code that displays the date in the message body. 
This has been worked on recently (I don't remember if it went into 
KDE 3.0 or only into CVS HEAD). Anyway, the date handling has been 
reworked quite a bit recently and it's supposed to be less strict so 
that it can also handle date headers that aren't 100% 
standards-compliant. So I suppose you should just update and see if 
your problems go away.

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