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Summary of KDE filesystem discussion


May I try to summarize the filesystem discussion on KDE list and suggest that 
it will continue in debian-policy?

 * Many people feel that KDE (and Gnome) is too large
   a whole to be stuffed in /usr/bin, /usr/share etc
   and would deserve a separate directory like X

 * Some proposed using /opt/kde3. Arguments:

   + Other distributions work like this, and better
     compatibility with them could be beneficial

   + FSH seems to permit this (possible
     misunderstandings about phrase 'add-on package'
     in it)...

   - ...but Debian policy apparently does not.

   - /usr is deliberately placed on another (large)
     partition on many computers and changing KDE to
     /opt could ruin this optimization

   - Changing from /usr to /opt could surprise and confuse
     seasoned Debian users who remember the policy in
     their dreams..

 * Classifying applications to KDE and just "generic Qt"
   apps could be difficult and so deciding if something
   should go under KDE-dir or some else could be difficult

 * The debate got quite emotional (which seemingly often
   happens when discussing the policy?-)

- Jarno

Learn Finnish! "Epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydellisyydellänsäkäänköhän?" = 
"Not even with his or her own ability or property of not making other people 
to make things unorganized, I wonder?"

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