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Printing in KDE - How best to - Konq, inkjet

What's the best way currently to set KDE up for printing?  
Have you done this recently?

Specifically: Recent Woody install.
This will be primarily for printing web pages from Konq.
using a recent parallel port Epson Inkjet printer 
which is supposed to be well supported for Linux:

Has section:
9: Next Steps and Where to Go From Here 
Which doesn't have any suggestions about printing.

Points to an outdated howto, whose current version is here:

I glanced at that, and
Printing Software  by Grant Taylor, in Category Reviews - Saturday,
September 15th 2001 00:00 EST   at:
(Aside: Among other things, this says:
"The gimp-print project has produced a driver suite that drives most
Epson Stylus and many other brands of color inkjet printers."
So, do I need to install GNOME stuff to get that?)

I searched the Debian KDE archive for last quarter and found
articles like: Printing with CUPS 1.1.10 on KDE 2.1.2
So, that's on a specific package (CUPS).  But, I didn't find anything
about _how_ to determine _which_ printing sw to use.

There is quite a bit to digest in the above links.
I'm hoping someone here (you?) has digested that (& perhaps more)
and will save me/us some time with a quick suggestion of
the best   
[referencing: http://www.linuxprinting.org/howto/  &
http://freshmeat.net/articles/view/296/ ]
user interfaces
to use, and how to get them installed on a KDE system.
So, specifically:
1) What packages should I apt-get, 
2) How to install which drivers,
3) etc.

[I'm new to doing printer setup on Linux.  
All help/suggestions appreciated.  Thanks!  :)  ]

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