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Re: Why did I suggest /usr/lib/kde3 or /opt/kde3? (Re: What are Chris and Daniel actually going to do now?)

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On Thursday 17 January 2002 16:12, Daniel Stone wrote:
> No.
> Your original complaint was about cluttering the namespace. With this
> solution, not only are you implementing TWO ugly hacks (the
> /usr/lib/kde3 prefix and /usr/bin symlinks), but the namespace stays
> "cluttered".

/usr/lib/kde3 isn't an ugly hack. why, then large packages which have their 
file hierarchies in /usr/lib/<package> implementing an ugly hack? that's not 
the case...

/usr/bin symlinks doesn't seem very good to me either. another solution is to 
write a wrapper script that prepends the required path (startkde3). 
there should be a single entry point to using KDE3. that way, you can choose 
running kde3 or not in the beginning (which is a good thing), KDE2 apps would 
continue running the same way.

you would simply move the binaries to /usr/bin which would be the cleanest... 
wait, you can't symlink or copy KDE3 binaries to /usr/bin anyway, if you want 
to keep KDE2 and KDE3 together. Yes, you can use the autoconf trick to 
prepend all binary names with "kde3_" but that's even worse.

Chris, have you been able to provide a set of KDE3 packages that do not kill 

I suggest you to at least implement: "/usr/share/kde3" under which all KDE3 
ro arch indep data should go in such as "/usr/share/kde/icons".

Second suggestion is to implement "/usr/lib/kde3" and append the path to 
/etc/ld.so.conf like the atlas package does. It's the nicest way to handle 
that large collection of libraries.


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