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Re: Mouse wheel and "horizontal actions"

Am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2002 19:57 schrieb Jarno Elonen:
> > I just noticed, that the effect of the mouse wheel, when applied to
> > horizontal sliders or scrollbars is:
> >
> >      up   ->  scrolls/slides left
> >      down ->  scrolls/slides right
> >
> > Somehow this runs against my intuition. Any other opinions?
> I quite like the feature. The less you have to move the mouse, the better.
> It would be even better if you could hold down control and them scroll over
> the *canvas* instead of having to move the mouse over the horizontal scroll
> bar. :]

I *do* like the feature, too. My problem is that "up" is mapped to "left"...

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