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RE: Mouse wheel and "horizontal actions"

Are you, by chance, left handed? I naturally hold my mouse at a bit of
an angle so that the base is farther to the right than the top.

I think of the origin of the document as the top left corner. If I want
to scroll away from that, I scroll either down or right.

So, rolling the wheel down to go down in normal circumstances or down to
go right when over the horizontal bar is natural. (It's also the way
that all other OS's do it, probably due to the two reasons I mentioned

Anyway back to my left-hand question. If you were a left-hand mouser,
you'd probably hold your mouse at an angle a bit clockwise from straight
up and down and so your mousewheel would be oriented such that scrolling
the wheel down would feel more natural if you were operating a scroll
bar to the right.

I wonder if our friends at M$ change the behavior of the scroll wheel to
horizontal scrolling if you check 'left hand' mouse or 'swap buttons' or
whatever it is....


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Am Sonntag, 13. Januar 2002 19:57 schrieb Jarno Elonen:
> > I just noticed, that the effect of the mouse wheel, when applied to
> > horizontal sliders or scrollbars is:
> >
> >      up   ->  scrolls/slides left
> >      down ->  scrolls/slides right
> >
> > Somehow this runs against my intuition. Any other opinions?
> I quite like the feature. The less you have to move the mouse, the
> It would be even better if you could hold down control and them scroll
> the *canvas* instead of having to move the mouse over the horizontal
> bar. :]

I *do* like the feature, too. My problem is that "up" is mapped to

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