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testing KDE3 (was: anti-aliasing is *NOT* supported!)

> > I don't think AA on KDE is particularily buggy and should, instead, be
> > considered quite an important feature if we want to eventually build a
> > desktop UI that can seriously compete with the commercial one(s). Look &
> > feel and usability are one of the areas we are most likely to fail in and
> > therefore requires extra attention, IMHO.
> It will be quite important as an interface option in KDE3, but I think

Great! Now that we are on it, btw, do you know:

 + How smoothly does the CVS version of KDE 3 beta coexist on the same
   computer with current 2.2 debian packages? I would very much like
   to test it already but haven't dared to install yet in the fear
   of making the currently fine working 2.2 unusable..

 + Have they announced any estimated schedule for KDE3 release on
   KDE mailing lists? Ie. about when can we expect official Debian
   packages to appear in 'unstable?'

> these three words sum up its state in KDE2.2: "buggy as shit". I don't
> intend to support something that is indeed buggy as shit. Live with the
> odd jagged pixel.

:) If you say so..

- Jarno

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