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Re: Possible adoption of packages

The division will run like this:
* all KDE2.2 packages - myself
* Qt, KDE3 packages - Chris "calc" Cheney

Thanks for your patience; I'm about to start rolling uploads of all the
packages now. Unfortunately I'm not a Debian Developer, and my sponsor has a
broken i386 environment, so this could be very slow - I need to build them
and check correctness, then he needs to build them on a slow SPARC and
upload. *sigh*.

:) d

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From: "Daniel Stone" <daniel@sfarc.net>
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Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2002 1:19 AM
Subject: Possible adoption of packages

> Hi guys,
> I've just read that Ivan's orphaned all of his packages; I'm very sorry to
> see that. I already maintain kde{admin,graphics,network,pim,ssh,utils},
> intend to pick up the rest of KDE, pending discussion with Chris Cheney on
> IRC when he gets into work.
> Apologies for the line wrapping as I'm on Outlook Express, and for the
> reply as I've lost one of my email addresses; the one where Debian list
> mails go, so I'm reading off the archive (so all replies CC'ed to me
> please).
> :) d

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