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Re: Severe periodical hang up on KDE 2.2

Am Freitag, 28. Dezember 2001 14:10 schrieb Jarno Elonen:
> Hi,
> My system with KDE 2.2 on Debian unstable is demonstrating some quite
> irritating behaviour:
> It works very well except that periodically, about after two hours of use
> or so, it suddenly starts crunching the disk as if swapping heavily.
> In about a minute or two every UI process is suffocated and for example the
> KDE clock, mouse pointer, text mode console and SSH daemon (even on nice
> level -19!) stop responding completely.
I recently had a similar problem! Just that the memory consumption is 
happening when I login into kde. When using windowmaker everything is
fine (see also my posting from yesterday about xfs here). It appears, that
the problem is related to some installed fonts. When I delete some fonts,
the amount of memory consumed is less but still very high. I even changed
kernel version to 2.4.16 but still no solution. Maybe the problem is related 
to hardware, my system is a celeron notebook with ati rage pro video card.
What do you use?


Dr. Olaf Stetzer
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