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A solution for: artsd does not start at kde login

Hi *,

Like others I'va had the Problem that on KDE login artsd did not
start automatically even when it was configured to do so.

Here is what I have done to make it working. With this solution
artsd starts when it is configured to do so *And* does not if "Start
artsd on KDE startup" is *not* checked in the controlcenter.

Here is a patch:

--- kde2.sh.old Thu Jan  3 10:32:11 2002
+++ kde2.sh     Thu Jan  3 10:33:33 2002
@@ -91,6 +91,9 @@
 # the splashscreen and progress indicator

+# start soundserver if necessary
+kcminit arts
 # We set LD_BIND_NOW to increase the efficiency of kdeinit.
 # kdeinit unsets this variable before loading applications.
 LD_BIND_NOW=true kdeinit +kcminit +knotify


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