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Re: question about konq

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On Wednesday 31 October 2001 12:21 am, Kamil Kisiel wrote:
> On Tuesday 30 October 2001 17:13, Sunny Dubey wrote:
> > heya everyone
> >
> > I love konqueror and all, and I think its the best thing besides sliced
> > bread, and elvis, however I have this one *slight* problem
> >
> > why is it everytime I pop open a new Konq window, I swear my system is
> > loading all the konq binaries, and libs all over again.  that gets really
> > really irratating after a while.  (shouldn't konq just open a new window
> > on the fly, if it already is in memory???)
> >
> > or am I the only one wiht this weird problem??
> >
> > thanks much for any info
> >
> > Sunny Dubey
> >
> > PS:  I'm running the lastest version of everything of SID on my
> > crappy-laptop

- From within your already open konq window, click on the k-cog (the thing that 
spins).  That should pop open a window based on the same loaded binary and 
libs.  If you select the world-cog from the panel, you load a whole new 
instance so you get the slow down you are seeing.  The reason for the 
difference, is that if one window crashes, all other windows off the same 
binary crash as well (not really a problem for me, but.....).


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