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Re: Strange behaviour in KDE 2.2.1

El Mar 16 Oct 2001 22:53, escribiste:
> I had similar problems, but right after installing X and KDE 2.1.2 (no
> upgrade) and after upgrading from potato which I installed from a CD to
> woody. Therefore I don't know if this helps you:
> As I started xf86cfg (graphical configuration program for X) I noticed that
> there were two mouse configurations (one "generic" and one "configured").
> After deleting the "generic" mouse configuration manually from the X
> configuration file - I didn't want to learn the usage of this graphical
> configuration tool - I've never had this problem.

 Great !. This solved the problem. I left the section for the "generic 
pointer", but commented the line for the device, and the X environment (KDE 
in my case) began to work flawlessly. 

  I do not have gpm installed because I already noticed that it spoiled the 
mouse behaviour in X11.


Pablo de Vicente
KDE spanish translatino team

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