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Re: KDE 2.2beta1 impressions

On Friday, 29. June 2001 20:32, David Bishop wrote:

> The konsole now defaults to having no history, so it's not the keys, you
> just need to go into the settings and set the history from "1" to whatever
> (usually 1000 for me).  I don't remember exactly which menu it's in, and I
> just finished uninstalling everything having to do with kde in an attempt
> to "reinitialize" all my settings, and haven't gotten around to
> reinstalling yet :-)  Dunno about arts....

No, my history is also set to 1000. When hitting PageUp/PageDown/Home/End, 
all I get in konsole is a system beep and this symbol: ~. I've tried all the 
available keyboard layout options in konsole, but the problem persists. 
Deleting my ~/.kde doesn't help either.

Since I am obviously the only one experiencing this it could well be a bug 
associated with my local configuration. I'm german and using all the 
appropriate configuration settings for this country including german keyboard 
layout. For me, konsole in 2.2beta1 is definitely broken, it worked 
flawlessly before and I didn't change anything else.


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