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Re: KDE 2.2beta1 impressions

On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Stephan Jaensch wrote:

> No, my history is also set to 1000. When hitting PageUp/PageDown/Home/End, 
> all I get in konsole is a system beep and this symbol: ~. I've tried all the 
> available keyboard layout options in konsole, but the problem persists. 
> Deleting my ~/.kde doesn't help either.
> Since I am obviously the only one experiencing this it could well be a bug 
> associated with my local configuration. I'm german and using all the 
> appropriate configuration settings for this country including german keyboard 
> layout. For me, konsole in 2.2beta1 is definitely broken, it worked 
> flawlessly before and I didn't change anything else.

I actually have this exact problem with KDE2.1.2.  I haven't gotten around
to hunting down how to fix it yet, I have assumed to this point it was a
problem with my configuration, but I definitly get the same behaviour.

Minor detail, I only get this behaviour when Konsole is just being
Konsole.  If I run something inside, such as less or nano, page up and
down work fine.


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