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Re: kde2.2-beta1

On Thursday 28 June 2001 04:23 pm, David Bishop wrote:
> Yes, let me reiterate that everything else is going swimmingly (my
> respect-o-meter for all kde hackers is shooting through the roof). 
> However, please note when you set up the proxy, make sure it's
> authenticating, that seems to trigger more bugs :-)  In the meantime, I'm
> going to blow away my ..kde (gahk) and see if that cleans anything up. 
> It's now gone through 2.1.0, ..1, .2, pre-alpha, then back to .2, and
> alpha2, and beta1.  Something could very well have gotten screwed up in all
> that, that wasn't exposed until now (or created until now).  I'll make sure
> and report on the efficacy.

Let me be so crass as to follow-up my own email, "initializing" .kde didn't 
fix anything.  I was able to goto debian.org from the splash page link, tried 
to type in slashdot.org, and immediately got the "http protocol unexpectedly 
died" error.  The *only* "weird" thing about my setup is that I'm running the 
qt library that Jen compiled a few days ago, to get flash working.  Could 
that be the root cause?  I didn't even think of it 'till now.  Jen, are you 
running the beta yet?  Any issues?
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