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Re: kde2.2-beta1

On Thursday 28 June 2001 02:40 pm, Ivan E. Moore II wrote:
> > So, I'm now running beta-1 on my box, and enjoying the hell out of all
> > the nifty new options (and speedups, thanks!).  All of the crash bugs I
> > was having with alpha2 in the kcontrol panel are gone, they all work
> > (pretty much, I have a reproducible bug I'll be filing in a minute)
> > flawlessly. However, konq crashes tons more than it did, and frequently
> > the kio_http hangs and I have to manually kill it and restart konq before
> > I can continue surfing.  The error I get is the exact same one I got
> > before when going through an authenticating proxy (http protocol died
> > unexpectedly, pre 2.1.2 days), but in this case it works great for a few
> > minutes, then dies.  Is anyone else seeing this, or is this a case of me
> > being screwed by our auth_proxy?  Or (gulp) can this be solved by blowing
> > away my .kde dir?  I'm crossposting this with debian-kde and kfm-devel,
> > as I'm not yet sure if this is a packaging issue, or a "hard core" kde
> > issue.  If there's something else I can do, please tell me and I'll do
> > it.  If it's of interest, if I run konqueror from the command line, it
> > outputs this when it errors:
> >
> > kio (KRun): ERROR: 0x83ad520 ERROR 43 The process for the
> > http://slashdot.org protocol
> > died unexpectedly.
> >
> > and it won't work again until I kill the kio_http slave (after closing
> > konq). Here's a listing of the beta1 packages I still have installed,
> > followed by the alpha2 (just in case that's screwing it up somehow:
> I'm glad to hear that your having a mostly good experience with the beta. 
> I personally have not had any problems with konq however I do not use a
> proxy from here.  I'll set one up so that I can do some tests...
> Ivan

Yes, let me reiterate that everything else is going swimmingly (my 
respect-o-meter for all kde hackers is shooting through the roof).  However, 
please note when you set up the proxy, make sure it's authenticating, that 
seems to trigger more bugs :-)  In the meantime, I'm going to blow away my 
..kde (gahk) and see if that cleans anything up.  It's now gone through 2.1.0, 
..1, .2, pre-alpha, then back to .2, and alpha2, and beta1.  Something could 
very well have gotten screwed up in all that, that wasn't exposed until now 
(or created until now).  I'll make sure and report on the efficacy.

"To me vi is Zen.  To use vi is to practice zen. Every command is
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