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Re: QT 3 issues

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 08:27:35PM -0400, Data wrote:
> Ivan --
> Thanks a lot for fixing the libqt3 bugs I posted.  I've installed the new 
> packages and they work -- well, almost .. :)
> I have a couple of issues:
> * qmake does not seem to be included in qt3-tools.  Perhaps a separate 
>   package would be justified?
> * The new Designer allows you to build plugins.  I've been taking advantage 
>   of this (it's one of the main reasons I'm an early Qt 3 adopter).  To build 
>   plugins, you need a header or two provided in the Designer source.  It 
>   would be nice to have these headers distributed with the Qt 3 packages.

the -4 version which I uploaded yesterday/day before (has new packages so
will be another day at least) contains qmake. (it's in the -dev package)

as for the header's...what headers and where do they need to be installed?


Ivan E. Moore II
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