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KDE 2.2 and AA Fonts...

This has been mentioned a few times, but I haven't seen any solution, or plan,
or recognition that it is a bug.

I've upgraded from 2.1.1 with working AA Fonts to the recent 2.2 alpha release,
and Anti-Aliased fonts have stopped working. Yes, if I, from a Konsole, set
QT_XFT to 1 and then run apps, AA works, so it's not an X-Server issue. It
seems as if the "Use AA" button under the KDE Control Panel for Look &
Feel->Fonts is having no effect.

I'd still, ideally, like to see a "Don't use AA" option in Konsole, too (as
it's the one thing that tends to look and behave better without AA). Or heck,
how 'bout a generic checkbox when you're selecting a font, whether to AA that
specific font? But that's straying into the area of core KDE and X

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