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Re: Sound server not initialising

In article <20010605180917.C222223CE@mail.chandlerfamily.org.uk> AC wrote:
> On Tuesday 05 June 2001 8:35 am, Aquarius wrote:
>> The KDE sound server doesn't seem to initialise when I boot my machine.
>> I don't get any sound from KDE at all (or, indeed, from anything else).
> I think KDE sound server starts when you log on.
> Do you get anything if you log on as root?  I found I was getting sound only 
> when root and not when I logging in to my user account. 
> This was a permission thing with /dev/audio, and I have to add myself to the 
> audio group.

Forget it. I'd pulled the blasted audio cable out. Shoot me now.


"The grand plan that is Aquarius proceeds apace"
            -- Frank Miller, "Ronin"

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