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Re: To: John Gay

Robert Tilley wrote:

Regarding upgrading a Potato Debian to Woody, I beseech you for aid!

Given your hints that there is a point in the installation process where you can choose to install Woody instead of Potato, I wiped my disk for the third time and proceeded with a reinstall.

Failure. I noticed no point which was an opportunity to install Woody and ended up with a Potato box again. I quickly fixed LILO to let me get back to Windows 2000 so I could e-mail this message.

I read over the installation manual included on the Debian CD in both HTML and PDF format with no enlightenment occurring.

Mommy, make Debian give me Woody! Bahahaha -- Yes, I'm almost at the point of tears, at least metaphorically speaking.


P.S. Nor can I find a document entitled "How To Select Potato / Woody / Sid" on GNU/Debian.

P.P.S. Could you please send me your e-mail address again as the previous mail is on my Linux partition.

First of all, 90% of the time woody is broken. If it's a leading-edge dist you're looking for, use sid. Your system coulkd be rendered useless ussing the woody tree.

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