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Re: Testing and KDE

On Sat, May 19, 2001 at 11:07:19AM +0200, Martin Juhlin wrote:
> It's more or less one only kdelibs and kdebase. Packages like  kdeadmin, 
> kdesdk, kdemultimedia, koffice, kdegraphics, kdeutils, kdetoys, kdegames and 
> task-kde is not in testing yet. 

kdeadmin, kdegraphics, kdeutils, kdetoys should be in as of tomorrow too.

kdesdk is broken: kdesdk.deb is arch: all and depends on kbabel and
such, which are arch: any, but aren't built for alpha, arm, m68k or
powerpc. kdesdk.deb is thus uninstallable on those architectures, and
testing rejects it for that reason.

kdemultimedia is mysterious. :-/

koffice is too recent at the moment.

kdegames is waiting on an arm rebuild, which was waiting on a kdelibs
rebuild, but should now be ready to go.


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