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Re: KDE and crypto

Am Tuesday 29 May 2001 00:02 schrieb Ivan E. Moore II:
> JAVA SSL support requires a seperate JAVA package..or rather a "non-free"
> (I believe) .jar file from SUN's site...I don't remember the url off the
> top of my head...
You need the Java secure socket extensions from Sun if you are running
jdk 1.3.
The URL is: http://java.sun.com/products/jsse/
Extract the zip file, copy jcert.jar, jnet.jar and jsse.jar
to /usr/share/apps/kjava and restart Konqueror.

The good news is that these extensions are integrated in Java 1.4,
so hopefully SSL problems with Java applets in Konqueror will be a non
issue in autumn, when Java 1.4 is released.

WfG, Chris

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