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Re: KDM Failure + Kcontrol errors

1) KDM doesn't work.

Personally, I use gdm, just because it was installed by Progeny by default and
generally works better. It is 'aware' of other window managers, kdm had to be
configured and I couldn't be bothered to figure it out when gdm does it

2) Kcontrol cannot open several modules:
     Eg: when trying soundserver I get a messagbox saying

     There was an error in loading the module:
     Diagnostic message says:'               '


There was a recent problem with sound. kdebase-audiolibs is missing as a depend.
Just install this and the arts libs should be fine.

So, are these packages broken? If so, where can I get good packages?
And when is kde.debian.net going to be up again?

As for kde.debian.net, The original site kde.tdyc.com is down, for good
according to Ivan himself. Potato is getting rather dated by now and I think
Ivan is concentrating on testing and unstable. I know that kde IS available in
both of these. There are a few mirrors still available, but they only have the
last thing that was posted before kde went dead.


     John Gay

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