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Sources.list --> Testing ???

After kde.tdyc.com went down and I learned that KDE was part of testing, I attempted to point my sources.list file to the Debian testing.  Failure -- massive and complete failure that ended in wiping my linux partitions and beginning again with Debian.
Yes, I could have spent much time and energy re-editing configuration files to restore my system, but this was easier.  I know, a reformat should be blasphemy -- but I've used Windows before.  ;)
When editing my sources.list, I simply changed all occurrences of "stable" to "testing".  I then began a never-ending series of "apt-get update || apt-get upgrade" which only caused multiple dependency problems.
I would like to use Debian testing and don't know how to change my sources.list to facilitate an easy upgrade.
Can someone here provide some simple instructions?  Changing "stable" to "testing" does not seem to work.

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