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Re: kde.tdyc.com unreachable?

It would seem that kde.tdyc.com has been taken down and we are left with testing
or unstable as our source of the latest that KDE has to offer. I'm currently
running Progeny, which is based on 'testing' and just received my boxed set! On
the extra's CD it had KDE 2.0.0-final as released by Ivan quite some time ago.
When I wiped my Daughters Mandrake installation and put Progeny onto it, I
install the basic Progeny, added a line to the source.list file to point to
Ivan's site and did an apt-get install task-kde and got most of KDE2.1. I still
had to go and install a lot of the recommends that I wanted but now my daughter
has a full KDE2.1 install on her Progeny system.

It looks like for future generations they will just have to rely on the unstable
branch to get the latest. This has been the only down-side to Debian. Unless you
were willing to live on the edge with unstable the choice of software was
hopelessly dated. I had similar problems trying to get x11amp installed on my
system before potato went stable. Hopefully with the development of Progeny,
which is a commercial version of Debian being developed by Debian leaders, the
development time will improve again. The implementation of testing was supposed
to do the same but I haven't noticed any improvements yet.

In saying all that, Ivan has done a great job in porting KDE back to potato, but
it seems that any future improvements will only be available in testing. Maybe
this is an indication that testing is about to freeze? I do know that Ivan was
doing quite a lot in testing and sid and had less and less time available to
check potato compatibility. I seem to remember him saying that he didn't even
have a running potato box for testing bug reports anymore. It is probably just
time that we all bit the bullet and pointed apt to testing and did a
dist-upgrade now. That seems to be the reason testing is available anyway.

Thanks Ivan and all the rest who did so much to give KDE2.1 to the potato user!


     John Gay

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