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Re: kde.tdyc.com unreachable?

Giacomo Mulas wrote:

	Hello, I browsed through the list archives (I am not
subscribed) first, but I could not find any mention about this: are there
any persistent problems with the kde packages for potato that used to be
available at kde.tdyc.com? Apparently, only some of the authoritative DNS
servers for the tdyc.com domain know the hostname kde.tdyc.com, those who
do answer but the host at this IP number has been
unreachable for some days now, apparently because of some firewall in
between. Actually, I get:

gmulas@capitanata:~$ ping
PING ( from : 56(84) bytes of data.
From Packet filtered

Now the questions are the following:
1) has the apt'able archive of kde packages for potato been taken out of
line or have some networks (including mine) been filtered out upstream
for some reason?

2) is there any other up to date apt'able mirror available? I cannot look
at the web pages at kde.tdyc.com myself, since it is unreachable from here

3) is there any other up to date mirror offering the rsync service? I
maintain some 15 debian potato boxes here and for that reason I have been
keeping a local, unofficial, partial mirror of the kde packages for
potato, which is now out of date.

Thanks, bye


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