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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

andrea gelmini <andrea.gelmini@linux.it> immo vero scripsit


> > There are more then enough machines around that already have 
> > problems with the package management. Machines that must run 
> > with 16 or maybe 8 MB of memory (or even less) with an 386sx/16 
> > CPU or similar. 
> do you really install useless and heavy, for ram and cpu, kde
> themes on such machines?

Note that having many packages slows down dpkg and apt and whatever
that does the package management, regardless of whether the user
ever wants KDE on his system.

I would suggest packaging it as one big package, or something 
that is divided into two or three, no larger.

The same kind of thread continued with gnome-applets 
some time ago. I seem to remember. gnome-applets
comes as one, because it's easier that way for the sysadmin
to handle, when there are so many users on one machine.


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