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Re: Packaging WM themes - question

On Fri, May 25, 2001 at 10:32:41AM +0200, Michael Neuffer wrote:
> Exactly this brain damaged behaviour is why we have 
> so many (useless mini)packages ! 
i don't think this is stupid. if I want one thing, I want
that one, and only that. using packages it's good, because I
can manage with the software on my computer.

> There are more then enough machines around that already have 
> problems with the package management. Machines that must run 
> with 16 or maybe 8 MB of memory (or even less) with an 386sx/16 
> CPU or similar. 
do you really install useless and heavy, for ram and cpu, kde
themes on such machines?

> Not everbody can like you afford the latest and greatest 
> machines with GHz CPUs, hundereds of MBs of memory and huge
> harddisks.
exactly, huge hd... if i want a themes of 100kb, i don't want
to download and install megabytes...

> We have now more then 500 Debian developers and if everbody 
> would follow your exceedingly stupid example, we would very 
> quickly have on the border to 30.000 packages !
> Who on earth would want to dig through such masses of packages ?
ususally people thinks it's good to have a lot of packages
in their distributions.
do you thins that a big choise is a bad thing?

> It would make Debian instantly unusable.
do you propose the big-freeze? no more new packages in debian?

> hell and they rather switch to SuSE or RedHat where you don't
> have to choose.
a) there are task-packages.
b) these are marketing things, and i don't really care. i use
debian for technical reasons.

> Go, ask some of the other oldtimers on debian-devel that still 
> remember the old flamewars with Bruce where this was a topic 
> as well, what they think. 
and after that?

> Go and learn from those people before you speak such utter 
> nonsense again.
uh... this sound like the good way to work in open projects...
wasting time and bandwith with good words...

> People don't get me wrong. I am _NOT_ opposed to new packages
> per se. They just should bring something new into Debian.
People don't get me wrong. I am _NOT_ opposed to put themes
packages in debian, but i don't like them. anyway, i will never
say "don't do it" to maintainers involved in it.

> What I oppose is stupid splits of packages and things like the 
> 50th ICQ client.
of course. we hope you decide for us the right & good programs
to put in debian. i don't want users can decide which is the
best icq clients for them...

seems microsoft approach... big packages full of everything,
dictation on packages available for users...


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