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Re: thread reading in kmail - howto?

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On Thursday, 24. May 2001 19:28, Jaye Inabnit ke6sls wrote:
> I really like being able to thread messages on lists, but reading through
> them is next to impossible. I just finished re-reading the help files but I
> don't see any way to read the mail without jumping wildly through out read
> and unread messages.
> What I would like to do is have my mail sorted by date, then by threads.
> Now, the first thread that I come to is ok, the next will jump somewhere
> deep into un-read territory. Finally the next may or may not take me to the
> next thread. So my next unread message is lost in the depths of unread
> mails, instead of back to the top to continue reading in a linear date
> sorted fashion. Other mailers do this?
> Any help on reading mails with threading enabled would be much appreciated.
> I'm obviously missing the finer points of this code.

First: Right now, kmail can only sort with one field, not 2.
Threading is independent though. Enable it in the prefences (it would not 
help you when telling you the german way to the option, would it?)

Threading in kmail is not perfect though, especially when a header is longer 
than the default line width and therefor continues on the next line.

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