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Re: KDM Login Problem

El Mar 22 May 2001 19:34, Robert Tilley escribió:
> When I turn boot my machine, the normal KDM login prompt appears.  After
> login, I am dumped into BlackBox as my window manager without the KDE
> environment.  After right-clicking and selecting "KDE" as my window
> manager, the familiar KDE environment starts.  While this is acceptable, it
> is more involved than necessary.  I've tried "update-alternatives --config
> x-window-manager" but KDE is not listed.  I can also find no description of
> the update-alternatives command in any of my Linux books.
> Do I need to uninstall all window managers accept for task-kde?  I have
> TWM, Blackbox, and Afterstep installed on my system.
> Any information is most appreciated!

 I do not want to be rude, but you got a couple of answers two days ago, one 
from me, another from Hendrik Sattler. Did you read them?

My answer, two day ago:

>> 2 -- When KDM appears on my screen, there is no choice of which window
>> manager to use and if Default is selected, Blackbox begins.  Although I can
>> still use the KDE apps, I lose the cohesive environment that KDE is meant
>> to provide.  Which config file do I edit to add more window manager choices
>> to the KDM drop-down menu?
> /etc/kde2/kdmrc
>line: "SessionTypes=kde2,default,failsafe"
>Pablo de Vicente
>KDE spanish translation team

 You need to edit file /etc/kde2/kdrmc, an add kde2 to line saying 
SessionTypes=default,failsafe, so that it looks like

Pablo de Vicente
KDE spanish translation team

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