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Stuttering toolbars

I'm not yet an everyday user of KDE, but I've been following the
progress on Debian unstable and I'm getting very close to making KDE my
everyday environment.  I also follow this list closely.  I have the
latest stuff from unstable as of yesterday.

So, does anybody else see toolbars that include two copies of each item?
The obvious example is noatun, the KDE Media Player.  There are two sets
of identical controls on the toolbar.  Konqueror is similar, but the two
sets of buttons are not totally identical.  It's almost as if there are
two sets of almost identical controls side-by side there.

I mv'ed my .kde directory and started clean, but saw no change in this
behavior.  So is this a bug or do I have a configuration issue?

Michael Epting (epting@ix.netcom.com)

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