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Re: Correct method for installing new apps

Thanks for the pointer Jens, I haven't plated with deb-make yet. I am
feeling quite comfortable with Debian now (was a SuSE user untill
about 3 months ago and RedHat way back when) so since mt 2.2r3 CDs
arrived yesterday I can feel a reinstal coming on for my laptop. Looks
like making my own debs is the way to go to keep things nice and clean
(its amazing how much rubish you can scatter arround a file system
just playing with all the nice geegaws you find on the Net, Freshmeat
has a lot to answer for ...)


>>>>> "Jens" == Jens Benecke <jens@jensbenecke.de> writes:

    Jens> On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 10:10:01AM +0100, Patrick Colbeck
    Jens> wrote:
    >> Hi
    >> Whats the recommended way of intsalling self compiled KDE apps
    >> ?  Ivans KDE release goes in /usr and most things I compile
    >> myself I would put in /usr/local however with KDE this doesnt
    >> work too well and I end up having to symlink them to /usr/bin
    >> or whatever.

    Jens> I think it's worth spending the extra five minutes and
    Jens> creating a .deb package from what you were trying to
    Jens> install. That's what I do with every other KDE program I
    Jens> like - and most of the time the developers are happy when I
    Jens> tell them. ;)
    Jens> If the package uses autoconf (./configure), it's just a
    Jens> matter of

    Jens> 	deb-make fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage -uc -us

    Jens> (-uc -us only if you don't want to GPG-sign your .deb file).

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