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Re: Problems with new potato KDE upgrade

> After upgrading to the new stable potato KDE packages, I noticed
> that my favourite font have evaporated from konsole. I use the
> "Linux" font, the menu is still there, selected, but the font is
> substituted with something else. When tried to find the font, went
> to custom font then back to "Linux", I got a message saying:
> misc-console-medium-r-normal-16-160-72-72--160iso10646-1 not found
> I would like to get back my font. This was basically the only one
> usable for me in konsole...Please help.

> The other thing I wanted to know about this upgrade, whethet there
> is a changelog or something to show what changed. Overall my KCC
> shows 2.1.2, but eg konqueror is 2.1.1.
> Also the Debian menu in the main kmenu tree is broken. Spreading the
> Debian menu accross the appropriate K-menu itemss is a good idea I
> like it. (and is happening after the upgrade) Nevertheless, I would
> like to see the whole intact Debian menu in the main tree as it was
> before the upgrade. Now, I just see Apps - Editor and Apps - Net,
> nothing else. How can I fix this?

modify the menu-method for kdebase, build your own personal debian tree.


Ivan E. Moore II
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