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Problems with new potato KDE upgrade

Hi All,

After upgrading to the new stable potato KDE packages, I noticed
that my favourite font have evaporated from konsole. I use the
"Linux" font, the menu is still there, selected, but the font is
substituted with something else. When tried to find the font, went
to custom font then back to "Linux", I got a message saying:

misc-console-medium-r-normal-16-160-72-72--160iso10646-1 not found

I would like to get back my font. This was basically the only one
usable for me in konsole...Please help.

The other thing I wanted to know about this upgrade, whethet there
is a changelog or something to show what changed. Overall my KCC
shows 2.1.2, but eg konqueror is 2.1.1.

Also the Debian menu in the main kmenu tree is broken. Spreading the
Debian menu accross the appropriate K-menu itemss is a good idea I
like it. (and is happening after the upgrade) Nevertheless, I would
like to see the whole intact Debian menu in the main tree as it was
before the upgrade. Now, I just see Apps - Editor and Apps - Net,
nothing else. How can I fix this?

I appreciate you help, and looking forward to any solution,
especially as to where the Linux font did go - I use konsole a lot,
and this is a really painful thing, making the whole upgrade useless
for me...

Thanks in advance. -- Viktor 

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