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Re: AA with potato (strictly)

As I understand it this is basically horse hockey.  They could choose to
release the correct programming information about the hardware.  Problem

> In order to provide good XFree drivers FAST, they basically ported their
> Windows kernel API to Linux. That means just about every performance boost
> the Windows drivers get, we will get too.  And because it is kernel (i.e.
> direct iX86) code, there is no need for an "emulation layer" or such - it's
> somewhat like Linux aviplay, which uses Mediaplayer DLLs to play DivX, ASF
> and WMV.
> But that also means that the Linux drivers need a proprietary Kernel
> module, which is so riddled with patents, NDAs and sub-contracts (which the
> Windows developers couldn't care less about) that a source release is
> simply out of the question.
> So NVidia don't do it out of greed or stupidity, they do it because their
> lawyers tell them so, and because it cannot be changed that easily, and
> because 80% of NVidia doesn't NEED it to be changed.
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