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X startup

when i installed debian, i didn't install x on it and it booted just fine into
the console. however, i installed x about a week later and it automatically
starts up. obviously the X group, or the X mantainer (or it could be a part of
kde, but i doubt it) wanted it to have more the look and feel of M$ windows when
X is installed (which isn't really bad by itself) however, i just don't like it.
sometimes i don't want to use X. however, it still starts up and does nothing
more than take up memory.

my causin's solution to this was to mess with some script and make it so that X
crashed when it was started on startup. then when he wanted to use it just type
startx. however, i was looking to do thist the "debian way". i was wondering if
there was an easy way to do this, or what is the proper way to make X not start
on bootup (without making it crash :-) ).

i have X, kde, twm, and some gnome libraries installed.

any help would be appreciated.

darkhaven (aka - shawn wilson / kg4gxu)

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