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Re: scroll wheel

For the mouse to work in KDE, remove imwheel.

Place these lines in your ~/.Xdefaults to get Netscape working:

Netscape*drawingArea.translations:  #replace    \
<Btn1Down>:           ArmLink()   \n\
<Btn2Down>:           ArmLink()   \n\
~Shift<Btn1Up>:       ActivateLink()  \n\
~Shift<Btn2Up>:       ActivateLink(new-window)  \
DisarmLink()    \n\
Shift<Btn1Up>:        ActivateLink(save-only)  \
DisarmLink()    \n\
Shift<Btn2Up>:        ActivateLink(save-only)  \
DisarmLink()    \n\
<Btn1Motion>:             DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
<Btn2Motion>:             DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
<Btn3Motion>:             DisarmLinkIfMoved()  \n\
<Motion>:             DescribeLink()  \n\
<Btn3Down>:           xfeDoPopup()    \n\
<Btn3Up>:             ActivatePopup() \n\
Ctrl<Btn4Down>: PageUp()\n\
Ctrl<Btn5Down>: PageDown()\n\
Shift<Btn4Down>: LineUp()\n\
Shift<Btn5Down>: LineDown()\n\
None<Btn4Down>: LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()LineUp()\n\
Alt<Btn4Down>: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n\
Alt<Btn5Down>: xfeDoCommand(back)\n

Netscape*globalNonTextTranslations: #override\n\
Shift<Btn4Down>: LineUp()\n\
Shift<Btn5Down>: LineDown()\n\
Alt<Btn4Down>: xfeDoCommand(forward)\n\
Alt<Btn5Down>: xfeDoCommand(back)\n


On Sunday 06 May 2001 15:29, James Smith wrote:
> Does anyone know of a way to get a scroll wheel on a mouse working in KDE
> without using an external program like imwheel?
> JW,
> James Smith

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