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Re: kdevelop and konqueror questions

On Sunday 29 April 2001 21:03, Hendrik Sattler wrote:

> 2. Is there a way to specify a home dir for web browsing in Konq that
> is not equal to the one in kfm view? Actually it makes absolutely no
> sense that both are the same.

Not that I'm aware of, unfortunately.

> 3.How can I read gunzipped textfiles with konq without using ark or
> the like? Netscape can do this.

Quick Way:
Right-click on the icon, select "open with", choose your app.

Quick Permanent Way:
Click "remember application association" in the "open with" dialog box. 
Next time, right-click the icon, select the app.

If All Else Fails:
Go to Settings->Configure Konq->File Assocaiations, find 
application/x-gzip, add an association.

> 4. How can I say konqueror to NOT open an extra window when viewing a
> text file?

Go to Settings->Configure Konq->File Assocaiations, find text/plain (or 
whatever), click on "Embedding" tab.

Good luck,

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 Only through hard work and perseverance can one truly suffer.

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