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Re: Koffice bug - still open?

> > A packaging problem.  I did a `dpkg -i --force-overwrite
> 	This is the Wrong Thing(tm) to do. Any kind of --force-* is
> 	Nasty(tm) in a stable distribution (with development
> 	distributions it is OK and, AFAIK, the default).

Hi.  Firstly, let me say that with the 0404 packages, you can use 
--force-overwrite and no harm will come to you, _as_long_as_ you upgrade 
koffice-libs *first*.  The problem is that the old koffice-libs contains lots 
of man pages that link to undocumented.  The newer (0404) binary packages 
each contain their own real (albeit minimal) man pages and I forgot some 
conflicts lines (*blush*), hence the clash.

Yes, --force-* is wrong for a stable distribution.  However, the packages on 
kde.debian.net are *not* stable.  This is one of many reasons they're on 
kde.debian.net and not ftp.debian.org.  They're the unstable packages ported 
to potato so that potato users can have the benefit of using them, which 
means they're even *more* unstable than the unstable packages - there is an 
extra place for things to screw up (namely the backporting from sid to 

Now all of this being said, there are currently beta1-2 packages in sid that 
should resolve all of the nasty conflicts you are all finding with the 0404 
packages.  Once these are backported to potato, hopefully everything will 
install cleanly and everyone will be happier. :)



Ben Burton (benb@acm.org)

Director of Training
Australian Informatics Olympiad Committee

There is much to be said in favour of modern journalism. By giving us
the opinions of the uneducated, it keeps us in touch with the ignorance
of the community.
	- Oscar Wilde

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