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Installing KDE2 from CD

I have a CD from Linux Emporium (in the UK), which says
it is taken from the kde ftp site. It has a Debian folder
with packages for potato/i386 binary in

However I don't think that this is a proper path. Should
there be a main/non-free/contrib in there somewhere?

Also it doesn't have a Packages file. When I do
   dpkg -i libqt-22_2 (something like that)
it complains that it depends on libmng (Graphics?)
However this is not in the folder. The libmng I can
get from Debian ftp depends on a newer version of libc6
is it ok to use this?  There is also a source folder
which has source for a libmng package. Could I use this
or does a package on the Debian CDs(1-3) provide it anyway?

My main problem is getting dselect to find this directory.
Is there a way I can do this manually? If not, is there an order
that I should install the KDE packages manually?

Thanks for any help (yes I am new to Debian. But I have
been using Slackware for two and a half years so I do
have quite good technical ability.)

Richard Hunt
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